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This is similar to the work of an experienced programmer, who can edit an object on the screen, using his capability to know the computer language. To achieve this goal they need to go through a hard work on themselves. He has to do some sort of imprinting on the modulation of the carrier wave, a genuine 鈥渕odulation-creation鈥?work. Through the transmutation, the alchemist 鈥減erceives鈥?the modulation on the carrier wave that creates the object, Adidas Originals Schuhe resonates with it, then superimposes the new modulation in accordance with the element it really wants to obtain.

As stated, Nike Damen Herren in Alchemy the known universe has a bearing wave as a basis, and Schuhe Nike Outlet material elements are like modulation segments. The impulse produces a shake on all of the bearing wave, sort of very short earthquake that oscillates the objects present. The bearing wave can be an infinite range, Replica Cartier Jewelry with every deformation it corresponds to a chemical element or an object. If a carrier wave was seen as an infinite series, then every chemical component will be equivalent to a particular deformation of the straight line.

Specifically from those beings endowed with energetic surplus and acute sensitivity that can become voluntary or involuntary 鈥渁ctivators鈥? The impulse is accompanied by a sound that reminds us of a piezoelectric discharge (like the one which what we generally use to turn on gas). In accordance to this technology, to transmutate one element into another, a 鈥渞ight frequency鈥?should be realized, which is the very essence of the element. Individually I also saw complicated items transmuting into my hands.

I can be certain of what I have individually experienced, but of program I can not end up being sure about the whole Qx theory. Individually I find myself in a position NOT to agree with the extremely great totality of people. Specifically, one must recognize that there exists a very essential catalytic wave that’s consciously or Nike Baratas unconsciously generated by human beings through their intentionality and energy.

With these experiences I lost the crystallization due to the scientific lifestyle that belonged to me and which proceeds to belong to me, that I was a physics graduate in Padua at that time.

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