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Remitano service is available in many countries together with the United States, UK, Australia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, China, Tanzania, Taiwan, Sweden, and Ghana. It’s making bitcoin available to Africans through it peer-to-peer service .


Remitano got here in around 2014 with options to the difficult demands encountered in trading bitcoin in the principle emerging markets of the Center East, Africa, and South America. Remitano makes it very simple to trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Ethereum.

What is Remitano

Remitano stands out as one of the best on-line cryptocurrency change platforms which focuses on boosting the rising economy of the world. This corporation is owned and operated by Babylon Ltd, which is a Seychelles-primarily based company.

You may be questioning how and why the name Remitano. It stems out from the word «Remittance». Hence, we will totally consider it as a decentralized, peer-to-peer, and on-line trading platform that provides to all its customers the flexibility to purchase and promote Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum for various fiat currencies.

Remitano is more of a decentralized remittance platform than a cryptocurrency alternate platform within the real sense. Regardless of the case, it doesn’t cease Remitano from completely influencing most cryptocurrency exchanges within the world.

How does Remitano work?

Remitano is highly liked around the world thanks to its means to provide escrow trading. By escrow trading, we imply right here that an alleged vendor of cryptocurrencies has the ability to ship tokens base on a selected trade which has been agreed upon. In this process, the tokens are absolutely held by Remitano on escrow while ready for the client to first ship the cash directly to the seller/vendor. Once the process is completed, these cash are instantly switchred to the buyer.

The Remitano’s trading platform displays an entire list of that it offers. In addition, it additionally presents a list of all that’s being bought or sold together with all the necessary data in regards to the different fee strategies and the best way to go about making a successful payment. The completely different payment methods which might be accepted by Remitano are money deposits and Wire Transfers.

Is using Remitano straightforward?

Utilizing Remitano may be very easy and doesn’t require much prerequisite knowledge about how the digital monetary world runs. Your entire platform was designed to be user friendly. Its sign-up and login process is straightforward and superfast. Once you’ve login and selected a country from the dropdown list, the platform will automatically display a list that incorporates all of the sellers and consumers in that country depending on their respective locations.

Remitano is readily available for users coming from over 30 countries amongst which we’ll list a few starting from the United States, New Zealand, Australia Canada, China, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Sweden, and Denmark.

Why go for Remitano?

One of many major Remitano advantages is the truth that it gives an environment friendly e-wallet service which permits all its users to carryout international cash transactions. We should additionally add here that the security offered by Remitano is kind of superb and remarkable. It makes use of a -factor verification and a modern encrypted knowledge storage system. One other outstanding characteristic from Remitano is its capacity to display the trading history of every trader thereby exposing all fraudsters. In addition, they’ve a qualified customer help group that readily steps out to resolve all conflicts between patrons and sellers.

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